Vasoukht 2022

Vasoukht Love is the origin of the concept "us" The “us” which can be seen, heard, and to be spoken to Vasoukht means aversion and turning away from the beloved and in Persian terms of traditional literature, is a poetry school based on this turning away. In this collection, "Vasoukht" gains a new definition beyond its poetic phrase and presents a coherent whole, disintegrated when

Vasoukht 20222022-07-09T16:37:04+04:30

White balance, battle

A battle has done its job, it kills. And we interpret how they die to fill in their empty spaces. Unfortunately, they lost in our commentaries. However, the most definite thing that remains in the heart of their family is their memoirs

White balance, battle2021-10-16T20:23:07+03:30


This romantic collection , named SHIRIN, based on KHOSROW and SHIRIN poem by Nizami Ganjavi, but in the contemporary way of narration.

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