This romantic collection named SHIRIN, based on KHOSROW and SHIRIN poem by Nizami Ganjavi Iranian poet (1141–1209), but in the contemporary way of narration
This collection has been photographed completely on stage and tried to get close to the concept of love not in the global meaning but in the concept of culture, geography, and the time that the photographer living in.
In this photo, the lines are created by threads attached to the ceiling and floor on the stage, and on the faces of the models, put a Plexiglas mask on which painted
but in the concept of culture, geography, and the time that photographer living in

Explanations about the Shirin collection and why I made these works. In Nezami Ganjavi’s poems(classical Persian poetically), Shirin is a character without a distinct identity and is defined solely by her romantic relationship with a beloved
My photo collection portrays contemporary romantic relationships in a decorative and graphic style that reflects the superficiality of such relationships.
my subjects are trapped in cloth, masks, and thread, making it difficult to approach them as human beings. Their relationships appear to be nothing more than empty displays that do not enrich or inspire life.