Performance, Query for meaning on Ashes

We shed skin and We are passed down from generation to generation and disappear. Do you think otherwise?
But we make frames anyway, even in the ashes.
In this Performance, the performer scans his own face and prints the picture on paper and the performer repeats the procedure again and again until the face fades away.
This performance is influenced by a work called / I Am Sitting in a Room / by Alvin Lucier, which was first recorded in 1969 at the Electronic Music Studio at Brandeis University.
This performance took place in the days leading up to the 2013 Iranian presidential election, which led to Hassan Rouhani’s presidency. In those days, we felt in our hearts that our lives would be better, but our intellect told us we were wrong, and of course, We had no other choice.


Watch the video art introduced in this performance:

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