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Shirin Description:

The SHIRIN collection is a contemporary interpretation of the poetry of Khosrow and Shirin Nizami Ganjavi, an Iranian poet who lived from 1141 to 1209 AD. This is a romantic photography collection. In this collection, I have examined the concept of love through the lens of culture, geography, and my time. I have tried to portray love artificially and superficially. Gestures and visual expression are influenced by Iranian classical painting. The photos of this collection are completely shot on stage. The lines in the background are created using threads attached to the ceiling and floor, and the faces of the models are covered with painted Plexiglas masks. In Nezami Ganjavi’s poems, Shirin is a character without a distinct identity and is defined solely by her romantic relationship with a beloved My photo collection portrays contemporary romantic relationships in a decorative and graphic style that reflects the superficiality of such relationships. my subjects are trapped in cloth, masks, and thread, making it difficult to approach them as human beings. Their relationships appear to be nothing more than empty displays that do not enrich or inspire life.
This collection is being offered as NFT on the objkt platform


The Last Portraits Description:

This collection the conditions melancholic expressions of individuals traversing the urban landscape, using oil paint, acrylic, staples, and glue to manipulate photographic representations. Several years ago, drawn by an impulse to capture the emotions etched on the faces of passersby, I found myself concealed in a street corner, discreetly snapping their portraits. As these individuals traversed the urban landscape alone, their expressions revealed a prevailing sentiment of melancholy, a sense of detachment, and a palpable absence of vibrancy and vitality.
Intent on amplifying this poignant demeanor, I sought a means to intensify their captured essence. Thus, I embarked on the process of manipulating these photographic representations. Upon printing the images, I began to weave my artistic vision into their fabric, employing a blend of oil paint, acrylic, staples, glue, and other materials. These faces, once fleeting glimpses through the camera’s lens, now emerged as the focal point of my creative endeavor, named “The Last Portraits.”
These portraits embody individuals who have seemingly consumed their essence, their vital energies depleted, yet deprived of the richness and fulfillment that life, in its multifaceted dimensions, has to offer.
Motivated by a desire to delve into the emotional landscape of individuals navigating the complexities of modern life, I conceived this series of portraits. The fast-paced, often overwhelming nature of our contemporary world has left many feeling adrift, isolated, and drained of their inner energy. They exist in a state of autopilot, detached from their inherent selves and the world around them.
The artistic techniques employed in creating these portraits reflect the emotional complexities they represent. I utilize oil paint, acrylic, and other materials to evoke a sense of texture and depth, while staples and glue introduce elements of chaos and disarray and amplify the feeling of isolation and emptiness.
The cumulative impact of these portraits is a poignant portrayal of sadness, despair, and the profound void that can pervade modern existence. They serve as a reminder of the challenges and emotional toll that our rapid-fire, technology-driven world can exert upon individuals.
This collection is being offered as NFT on the Kreate platform