Omid Shalmani

Omid Shalmani

My name is Omid Shalmani. I was born on 14th February 1981 and I’m a visual artist and a photographer, based in Tehran, Iran.
I studied photography and Graphic design at University. I started my career in Art photography in 2012. My works have been exhibited in more than 20 Art exhibitions in Tehran such as Press Book, Fajr Art Festival, and Tehran’s Expo…, In addition, one of my works has been selected and shown in a photography exhibition curated by SeeMe in New York City.
I used the photomontage technique in my works until 2016 and after that, I got interested in stage photography.
My passion and concern are Love and Destruction and I imagine that all my artworks are about to express the emotional aspects of these issues with the quality that I have lived in.
Omid Shalmani.


2016 – Curry Project Audio Event (Condition of War), Afrand Gallery

Solo Exhibition:

2012 – Solo Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2015 – Solo Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2016 – Solo Exhibition, Anahita (not) Gallery
2022 – Solo Exhibition, Afrand Gallery

Group Exhibition:

2001 – Group exhibition، Tabriz

2012 – Group Photo Exhibition, 10 days with Iranian photographers, Iran Artists House

2013 – Second Festival of Portraiture
2013 – CreativesRising event, Long Island New York City,
2013 – Group exhibition, 4th Persbook, Iran Artists House

2014 – Group Exhibition, Panjerh Gallery
2014 – Group exhibition, Rouge Gallery

2015 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery

2016 – A Glance at the Iranian contemporary Photography, Mellat Cinema Complex Gallery
2016 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2016 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery

2017 – Group Exhibition, Fereshteh Art Gallery
2017 – Group Exhibition, Abad Art Gallery
2017 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery

2018 – The Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts
2018 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2018 – Group Exhibition, Azad Art Gallery
2018 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2018 – Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2018 – Group Exhibition, Mojdeh Art Gallery

2019 – Teer Art week/Afrand Gallery
2019 – Group Exhibition, Negah Gallery
2019 – Group Exhibition, Etemad Gallery
2019- Group ExhibitionMojdeh Art Gallery
2019- Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2019- Group Exhibition, Farmanfarma Gallery
2019- Group Exhibition, Lahijan
2019- Group Exhibition, Atbin Gallery
2019- 7th international Shahr Film Festival
2019-Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2019-Annual photo exhibition, Mojdeh Art Gallery
2019-7 the international Art for peace festival, Baroque Art Museum
2019-The 5th National Technology and Industrial, Film and Photography Farda FestivalIran Artists Hours
2019-What If Not Exotic? Critical Perspectives in Contemporary Iranian Art, Building bridges art exchange

2020- Grup Exhibition, Shirin Art Gallery
2020- Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery
2020- Group Exhibition, Negar art gallery
2020- 10th annual event of contemporary art persbooks: work-hand – Kashan, Iran
2021-Group Exhibition, Small-sized artworks, Aria Gallery
2021- Group Exhibition, Afrand Gallery


2012 – A Performance (Photocracy) at the First Work in Progress Art Festival, Shirin Art Galler

2013 – A Performance, ” QUERY FOR MEANING ON ASHES”, Ghasr Museum

Art Expo& Auction:

2012 – Tehran Expo-Vahdat Hall
2012 – Art Expo 2012 – Photo Tehran Expo, Iran Artists House

2014 – Photo Tehran Expo, Iran Artists House
2016 – Hope Auction, Homa hotel

Land Art:

2013 – Shadow collection، Land Art, Chouka Town
2013 – Shadow collection، Land Art, Ghasr Museum


2017 – Umpire: the International Exhibition (self-sacrifice), Idea Gallery

2018 – Umpire: the International Exhibition (Kermanshah earthquake), Idea Gallery


2014 – Tehran Radical 2, Milad Tower, Compose and Performance an Audio Piece (Vakhan)

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